So, you’re looking for car insurance…I bet you’re already lost. Don’t worry though, so is the rest of the USA. Join the rest of us in googling “best car insurance” or “low car insurance in your state”. Chances are you will end up right where you started.

It’s no surprise, searching for auto coverage can not only be stressful but a very expensive ordeal if you decide to go with a provider who is charging you too much. As previously stated in one of my articles, you need to remember that every minute spent looking for car insurance is a dollar (or more) earned. Heck, a minute reading our blogs or others like it may save you not only money but a lot of time.

This article will be about the breakdown of how insurance providers see your equity. Yes, equity. Do you have an alarm system on your car? What is your credit rating? Some things may seem not so important, but you need to know what these providers are looking for so you can get the most of what you are paying for. Below we’ve gone ahead and listed the most important factors to consider while choosing your auto coverage.

Let’s look at it from a 100% point of view:

Driving record
Age & Marital status
Type of vehicle
Location / state
Provider & Policy
Credit Rating
Theft Protection Device

Notice anything strange? That’s right, your provider only plays a 5% role in how much you actually pay! Well, this is on average. In some cases it could be more or less, but your driving record is incredibly important, much more important than deciding between Allstate & State Farm. Also, it helps if you are not driving a Ferrari.

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